My main goal is to create a holistic center in Barcelona where women can connect. Every woman has some different qualities to contribute with and when we acknowledge all our female power is amazing.

I decided to leave my country due to some coincidences and inner transformation that I was passing through. I came to Barcelona with the idea to do one thing and in the end, I am doing a completely different one. While in México, I was in my comfort zone working as a psychologist  but when my boyfriend decided to go abroad and do a master’s, I thought that also could be  a good idea for me. I wanted to go abroad because until that moment I only went to Israel – I am Jewish – and after high school, we do a trip but it is kind of a trip with friends. Normally this lasts 1 year but in my case was only 6 months because of some conflicts going on in Israel. Then, having that in mind I decided that it was my moment, I wanted to travel and discover Europe. I took the decision to come to Spain and pursue my  master’s, despite all my friends’ recommendations about doing it in Madrid, I wanted Barcelona. There was no logic in it because I did not  know a thing about the city and I did  not have friends here at all. I just wanted to be here.

I came to Barcelona with the idea to do one thing and in the end, I am doing a completely different one

After that, the next challenge was to find my people. My master was supposed to be international but actually, it was me and 2 guys from Galicia, all the others were locals. After finishing the master I decided to stay in Barcelona, I was discovering myself thanks to the practice of  yoga and the city, I wanted to continue that path. In the end, my boyfriend – who was doing his master’s in the Netherlands – decided to return to Mexico and we broke up.

I did not wanna have the life I was having in Mexico, Barcelona opened so many doors to me. In Mexico, at my age, I am supposed to be married with kids. Whereas here In Barcelona, I feel free and safe, I think here I am more empowered  in Spain than in Mexico. I found my passion, it’s yoga. While I was in Mexico I had my first contact with this practice due to bad bronchitis which made me unable to do my regular exercise and forced me to change to other type of exercises. I needed to connect with my inner self so I started meditation and later, yoga. My sister is a yoga teacher so showed me the way. I really enjoyed and I realize the yoga practice mixes the mind connection and breathing so at that moment it was a perfect match for me. In Barcelona I connected even more with this practice and last year I went to India, actually the quarantine caught me there.

Nowadays, I am working as a psychotherapist with medicinal plants and a yoga teacher. My dream is to create a holistic center for women. Also, with the aim to stop seen other woman as a competition. I believe each of us have different qualities to contribute the world with and  when we acknowledge our power as women is amazing. I made this reflection because I also passed a phase where I did not love myself so much.I come from Mexico, that is a country where  the perspective to look at women is very sexist.

That is why I would love to create a female community where we can help each other. I want a Healing center for mind and body.  Currently, I think more than ever we need that kind of connection among women.


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Mariia Iefimova