“ All the people that participated in any way at any moment in my life, all of them inspired me and taught me how to accept and embrace all of what it is. ”
Something I learned on this journey called life is that… Whatever is going on good or bad, it will pass. Time is my teacher and timing is divine. This journey is just Like a game, we will learn how to play it only by playing it.
When I left Macedonia for the first time, life was nice and cool. It was a calm life, completely different from what I am living here in Barcelona. It is a small country and things just work differently there. I must say, I was happy, living there and sharing with my family and all my good people that I love. In my childhood, I remember spending a lot of time in nature. We used to go every summer to visit my grandparents in their village, enjoying and working at their vineyard.
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“ I was lucky enough to meet amazing people that made the living so smooth ”
For sure, the best part about living here is the people I met and the experiences I have lived.
I have very fond memories of my childhood. I would spend a lot of time with my family,  especially with my grandmother, I would practice a lot of sports and different activities after school. My family is very loving. We have a really strong bond and we would spend a lot of time together. Both of my parents are self-made professionals, born and raised in Morocco. Ever since I was a kid I remember being really sociable, so I would love to make new friends – I  think it’s a trait that I got from my grandmother – she would literally talk to anyone. I also loved to paint, which I still do, and this I got from my grandfather that is a talented artist. I loved going to the countryside on a sunny day, and spend the day there
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