I can say that the first year of living in BCN was  fantastic because I was doing my studies to finish my MSc and within one year, I learned so many things  regarding altitude physiology.

My name is Ramin and I am 23 years old. I was born in a nuclear family in Tehran, Iran. I have to  say that I was lucky to have lovely parents who provided a stable upbringing for me and my sister. They  played an essential role in our upbringing. Moreover, they have been guiding us in the philosophy of life  since childhood. Both my parents played a unique role in my life. Indeed, my father as an entrepreneur  taught me the ABCs of running a successful business. And, my mom explained to me how to live a joyful  life both internally and externally. During 21 years of my life in Iran, I lived a blissful life that was filled  with full of pleasant memories. However, there were some tough moments in our lives, but we learned  to forget the painful memories and just remember good ones. Honestly, to me, Iran is the land of  legends, because of our rich history and culture.


My goal is to live a joyful life it does not matter where I am or who I am.
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The main reason that I left Iran was, I got an offer from the University of Barcelona to do my  postgraduate studies in the field of altitude physiology under the supervision of one of the well-known  researchers in that filed. Indeed, in April of 2017, I was a personal translator of Prof Millet from the  University of Lausanne and Prof Viscor from the University of Barcelona in the 10th international congress of sports sciences in Tehran, Iran. Through congress, I build a strong network with them to  begin fascinating projects in altitude training to prepare Iranian mountaineers for high altitude  expeditions. The outcome of this project was one my of clients was able to successfully climb Mount  Lenin (7134 m) without using the Oxygen capsule. After this achievement, I became more determined to  explore the depths of altitude physiology. So, I decided to leave Iran to investigate more about altitude physiology and in September 2018, I began my MSc in Integrative Physiology at the University of  Barcelona. It took one year to complete my MSc studies.

When I arrived in Barcelona, I went to my Iranian friend’s home. I was in his home for 3 nights,  then I rented my room in the center of Barcelona. I can say that the first year of living in BCN was  fantastic because I was doing my studies to finish my MSc and within one year, I learned so many things  regarding altitude physiology. During the first year of living in BCN, I also learned so many things from  my Spanish friends and Spanish culture. Truthfully, I never felt homesick. Now, I am graduated in  Integrative Physiology and I have been trying to figure out investment opportunities in Spanish markets  to build a business or invest in it.

The only obstacle that I met in Barcelona was the language. People speak both Spanish and  Catalan. I have had a problem to understand both. Unfortunately, the majority part of my MSc program  at the University of Barcelona was carried in Spanish and Catalan. And I only wrote my thesis in English.  The Spanish and Catalan languages are still my nightmare in Spain because it takes time to master it  which is especially complicated for English speakers.

The best part of living in the EU for me is that I got a chance to find myself. I mean, I could  realize what I want exactly from my life and where do you want to get at the end of my time. So, I am  trying to educate myself about the EU economy to become a successful investor. I highly interested in  the real estate market of the EU, and I can see myself as one of the legends of real estate investors not  only in Spain, but also other countries in the EU like Germany, Italy, Austria, etc.

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My goal is to live a joyful life it does not matter where I am or who I am. I like to spread  happiness, love, and positive feeling with people who are around me. I can see myself as a capitalist who  likes to use his position to help people to get out of the rat race and become a better version of  themselves. As human beings as our poet, Saadi said:

“Human beings are members of a whole, In the creation of one essence and soul. If one member is  afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. If you have no sympathy for human pain, the  name of human you cannot retain. That is all my belief be good with yourself and others.”

Like all the people, I have my plans or goals. Only, I know that I must become the best version of  myself. Life has its ups and downs and I am trying to enjoy my time which is limited. I try to share good  feelings with people to make the world a better place to live. I wish the best joy and blissful days for  humanity which we highly need these days.

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