We can be able to afford what we need and take care of ourselves. But if you don’t have documents to work. There is nothing you can do. Nobody will take you for work. Nobody will take you for any job. You know?

I am Sunabh. My full name is Sunabh Adray. I am From Nepal and I think I have been living here in Barcelona for three years, since July 2017.

My home-country is a very beautiful country. It is obviously a bit poor, but 40% of the population are pretty okay. However, the rest of the population is really poor, so the condition is favourable for the ones who are in a better position and can afford things. They can do anything, they can explore and travel. I have loved travelling since my childhood. So I travelled to many parts of my own country and some parts in India as well. Because India is close and we don’t need a visa or anything like that. If you have a car and some bikes, you can go directly. It’s like crossing a border in Central Europe.


So, what I think of the future for me to take care of my family, my kids. So that their own future will not be, the way I lived my life. So that they will not suffer, they way I suffered in life

Regarding my childhood and family background, it was pretty good. I grew up in the Eastern part of Nepal. I was born in a middle class family in Nepal. So my family could afford an education for me and everything, it was pretty cool. I got the chance to go to the university, but I did not complete it actually. In two years, I left my university and I went to Qatar. I worked there for two and a half years. And after all of this, I wanted to come to Europe. I always wanted to, since I was a child. It was my dream to visit and explore Europe. Also, I wanted to earn something for a living. I wanted to focus on something.

I have been working outside of my home-town since I was 21-22 years old. I was working in hostels and I stayed with my grandmother for a few years. Later, I started working in India. I worked in a three-star hotel at the front office. After that, I decided to go to Qatar, I worked there for two and a half years and it was a pretty good experience. I was earning a lot of money actually, but my intention was not to earn money. I did not have the kind of satisfaction that I have now in my life when I was in Qatar. I was earning money, I would go to the bar and have a good time, but when you drink, there are a lot of things to think about. I ended up realising that life in Qatar was really boring. And I decided my life was going to change, so I tried my luck with Europe. I worked hard during my three years here. The contract I have now is good, they are going to give me a residence permit. It is not easy to have a contract, people think that because you work, you get a contract. But the situation is not like this in Barcelona. I work as a delivery man and it is pretty good, I can manage to live for myself.



 I had some obstacles when I entered Europe. I entered Germany first, I had a visa for 15 days and I did not know any european language. It was not a big issue, but there are many languages: German, spanish, catalan, etc. And obviously it was a little bit difficult at first, but I managed. Another big obstacle I had in my previous job here, was that I did not have any free days from work during the week, just half a day twice a week. That was kind of hard for me, but I left that job and I am working as a delivery guy now. I can manage my schedule for myself now, and I have time for myself as well. Everyone wants to work but they also want some leisure time, spending time with friends and your close ones, so that is why I am doing this now.

I do not think about the future a lot. But honestly I have some plans. My plan is to set up something here in  a few years, and obviously I will go back to my country soon to visit. Another goal I have is to look after others as well. I am planning, if I earn a bit more money, I would invest in my village and make some kind of orphanage homes.

To some extent we are all a little bit selfish, so first I have to look after myself. Though, everyone has a good and kind heart, that is my motto. I do not want to work in some private company or anything like that. In the coming days, if everything goes fine, I would like to start an organisation focused on handicapped people in Barcelona, because there are a lot of handicapped people nearby my country. So I will like to explore this idea in the coming 3 to 4 years, creating workshops for the disabled like crafting wooden statues.

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