Alyona, Kiev/Western Ukraine

I don’t know if it will be useful. But in any case, thank you for what you are doing. And of course, for the opportunity to reflect a little.
It’s hard for me to listen to songs in Russian. Sometimes even if they are sung by Ukrainian performers who openly talk about the war and help in every possible way Ukraine. I won’t buy a book in Russian anymore. I’m sorry every time I watch videos of Russian bloggers, because I know that for my viewing of
They receive money from Ukraine.

These people deserve to have everything going well for them. It's just a little scary that I'm not I want to hear about it.

I switched to Ukrainian at home, although I spoke Russian for all 23 years. I don’t hate Russians, only specific ones. But my empathy is badly frayed. In the first days of the war, I read a channel about Russians who disagree with the government and left the country in a hurry — with sympathy. Now, when they write about how they are getting used to a little bit and finding joy in life, it is more and more with some bitterness. They won’t come back because it’s their decision, and my friend won’t come home because his house is destroyed. I will unsubscribe from the channel. These people deserve to have everything going well for them. It’s just a little scary that I’m not I want to hear about it.

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