“ About my dreams, well, It’s important to me to feel like I am giving back to my community. I’m here because at some point I had access to opportunities that are not available for all. ”
I’ve met a lot of different people from different countries. The experience has been so intense because I have to meet new people more often once in Barcelona people are always passing by. They come and they go very fast.
My childhood was good. I was a very quiet child. I was born in a state called Maranhao, which is in the Northeast part of Brazil. I grew up in a very small and very poor neighborhood, a bit similar to the favelas you see on the TV. It was very interesting though because all my relatives and I lived on the same street. I was happy having all my family living nearby.
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“ My goal is to live a joyful life it does not matter where I am or who I am. ”
I can say that the first year of living in BCN was  fantastic because I was doing my studies to finish my MSc and within one year, I learned so many things  regarding altitude physiology.
My name is Ramin and I am 23 years old. I was born in a nuclear family in Tehran, Iran. I have to  say that I was lucky to have lovely parents who provided a stable upbringing for me and my sister. They  played an essential role in our upbringing. Moreover, they have been guiding us in the philosophy of life  since childhood. Both my parents played a unique role in my life. Indeed, my father as an entrepreneur  taught me the ABCs of running a successful business. And, my mom explained to me how to live a joyful  life both internally and externally. During 21 years of my life in Iran, I lived a blissful life that was filled  with full of pleasant memories. However, there were some tough moments in our lives, but we learned  to forget the
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“ I want to have my own sweet shop and sell cakes. ”
Traveling was one of my favorite memories and I would visit Turkey a lot.
Before, life was not very nice, not very good. I was with my step-mom and I hated it because she doesn’t like me. I am not her son… she doesn’t like me because I am not her son. She didn’t take care of me as a child. My dad worked as a lifeguard and my mom worked as a teacher. My step-mom stayed at home with us. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. I also have a step-brother. My brother is 1 year older than me and my step-brother is 10 years younger than me. My sister is 18.  
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“ The biggest dream could be to have my own dance academy, be a dance instructor in an academy, or my own. ”
In Honduras, there is huge repression against us, homophobia is everywhere. I experienced very difficult moments. I always have fought to make my rights visible but that was not easy.
I have fond memories from Honduras. My favorite one is definitely the first time I performed on a huge stage, in front of thousands of people, dancing. My passion is dance, music, and theater. It was an imponent scenario, with thousands of people. It was my first time in front of such a big public, so I was full of adrenaline.
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“ Everyone has their different mission in life. ”
I have a long bucket list and lots of dreams that I want to fulfill. Everyone has their different mission in life. So many people die without fulfilling their mission.
Before living here, I lived the life that people from my territory were dreaming of. In my family we are 5 sisters and 1 brother, everybody was settled in their own lives and I was very happy there. The best thing about my life in Bangladesh is that I achieved some goals I had been dreaming of for a long time. I did my graduation in Medical Physiotherapy in 2015, and in my field I was top among all the universities and I also received a gold medal from my university board. I was the youngest physio to ever win the Physio star competition. I was a university teacher and I have a journal which has been published. I also was working with the Bangladesh national Cricket team and with the Bangladesh Navy. I went to many tournaments there.  The
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“ The most difficult thing was when I started to think about my family: how would I leave without knowing if I would ever see them again? ”
At the start, I was anxious about integrating because I was a bit afraid people would tell me I had to change, however, this never happened. I am still myself, more than ever. I am extremely proud of myself for how far I have come and how much I have achieved.
It all started on 11th March 2011, the biggest and toughest war yet. At first it was hard to accept it, but in order to win our freedom, we knew we would lose friends, family or even our country at some point. Our dreams weren’t so big; we just wanted a country in which we could think and live freely, but this was just an illusion that could never happen. Of course we realised it a few years after the revolution began, then we could see clearly that we would never succeed. However, we always had hope that we would.  
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“ In the future, I would like to be a professional football player. This is what my dream is. ”
One day, a passant saw me in that situation and provided me some help to go to the police. Fortunately, they helped me and took me to a center. Right now, I am living in the center. I am going to school and also playing football here.
My name is l’Ebrima, I am 17 years old and I come from the Gambia. Life in the Gambia was very nice. I lived with my family there, I had many friends and, therefore, it was very good for me to be there. I was going to school every day. I just stopped attending classes because many of my friends were playing football, so I left school to play football and doing some business to help the family. My favorite moment in life was before I came here. It was the day I played football before coming here. That was the best moment.
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“ I dream for a peaceful world. I don't want to see any more wars, I want to see a united world and where everyone is holding hands with each other. ”
I was working on whatever I could to survive. So that was a big challenge. I would say I didn't face much trouble, but other people do
My name is Ali. I’m from Pakistan, but I spent a lot of my life outside, in Saudi Arabia. I was born in 1991 and we first moved to Saudi Arabia when I was 6 months old. We changed cities every couple of years. My dad was trying to do business there, but his business failed. Because of that, he didn’t have another option left, so he sent us back to Pakistan. To me, living in Pakistan was a good experience. I was really happy because I had a lot of cousins there, a huge family, so I was having a really nice time. My dad got sick and came back from Saudi Arabia. He was there for some months and we didn’t have any source of income. We are farmers, but it was not enough for the whole family
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“ I love everything about Barcelona. I like the beach, the park, I enjoy it. And I love the people in Barcelona, they are very handsome. ”
I will try because my dream is to be a boxer. Boxing is our life, our history. My grandfather was a boxer and my father was a boxer.
My name is Baba and I come from Ghana. Back in Ghana, I was training boxing. I used to do that because that is what my father was, so he trained me to be a boxer. I didn’t use to go to school there, all my dedication was to step up and be a boxer. I left my country in 2018. I lived all my life there, but then my father passed away and it was a really difficult moment for me. I couldn’t stay in Ghana anymore, so one of my friends was planning to go to Algeria and said that if I wanted I could follow him. So I went to Algeria and started working there. I stayed there for 9 months. Then we came to Barcelona.
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“ My dream is to finish my studies at university and then afterwards, dedicate myself to my work. ”
I am thankful to OCC who gave me the opportunity to work for their organization. I work as a Spanish teacher for minors and foreigners, and an administrative assistant.
My name is Leidy and I am twenty-three years old. I am from El Salvador and was born in 1996. In El Salvador, I was studying at university for half a cycle of the first year of university. I was studying languages. I participated in a local channel in my city where I volunteered to edit local news. I also participated with other young people in a youth music program where we broadcasted live shows about important topics and interviewed the public. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Administrative Assistance and I did my internship in the town hall of my city where I lived. I also helped with the accounting of the business that my parents had. I left my country when I was 19 years old. When I arrived in Barcelona, I started working at a clothing
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