“ Now I look to my future ”
I just longed to be a successful person, to be out of trouble, and help others as much as I can
The war has been going on in Afghanistan, my native country, for about 40 years. Since I opened my eyes to the world, I was more familiar with the sound of a bomb and the world outside than the words of my own mother and father. My childhood was always spent indoors because there was no security outside. I never understood or experienced how it feels to run and play in the park, which is something all children should experience when young. We didn’t sleep well at night due to the sounds of bombs and guns. Our hearts shook with every bomb that dropped and we decided to take refuge in the basement of our house for hours with candlelight. My childhood memories are filled with nothing but war and migration. The only thing I can recall that I liked
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“ As you can see it is never enough. You have to change... at least for me. ”
Everything else you manage to do and overcome but the paperwork was hard. I used to think “I am working, why don't I have the right to work?”. It was strange.
What I miss the most about my country is my family. In wintertime, Christmas has never been the same. I traveled, I have been through Spain having Christmas with my friends and new years’ eve, but it is never the same… that coziness and the family. You get used to having it without your family, I suppose, but I do miss it a lot. Back in Romania, I had a normal family. I have one smaller brother, 3 years younger than me. We lived in one small and quiet city. Life there was pretty normal I would say, but drow. I never traveled too much so I couldn’t actually compare with anything but only what I could see on the television and American movies. So when I was 19 and I finished my studies, it came the moment for me
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“ I feel more like home here, even more than in my home country. Finally, I am enjoying the opportunity of being myself. ”
I am working hard to finish my studies and then have a job, I will either succeed or succeed here because there are no other options.
Well, I am Ahid, I was born in a small village in Swaida, Syria. I remember myself as a good student with a lot of funny stories from my childhood, snowball battles with all the village, me and my uncles dancing the crazy Syrian Dabke, school trips, and much more. I liked technology, and I was one of the first in my village to get a computer, then I found myself disassembling and reassembling it again and again (luckily, it managed somehow to stay alive until now). By the age of 15, I was the computer technical guy of the village and then the same story occurred with my first Toshiba laptop. I also liked traveling and interacting with other cultures, and I still remember that noisy sound while I was connecting to that lazy slow internet in order to
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“ I didn't expect to live here for more than a year, and now I have been here for two... I adapted and I am adapting. ”
I say my process of deciding to come to Spain was craziness. I decided and organized everything in 3 months.
Life in Brazil was very overwhelming. I worked for 4 years in a company as a receptionist. I worked 12 hours every day so it was very complicated. It reached a point where I thought that 4 years in that life was enough. I needed to change, to go to a new place. I needed to have a new experience. I say my process of deciding to come to Spain was craziness. I decided and organized everything in 3 months. I resigned from my old job, then I started searching for a way to come. I found the au pair program, which I found out to be the easiest and cheapest way to come here. And then I just thought yeah, I am leaving! Goodbye! It was a quick process, a bit crazy. I couldn’t plan everything very well, and
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“ I came to Europe because of love. ”
I grew up in a polygamous family, with 6 siblings. I am the first-born, so I grew up being responsible for the rest of my siblings. I grew up in Western Kenya in a village where the main activity is farming. My parents are separated but we lived on a farm with my mom and my paternal grandmother, who was a teacher. After she retired, she continued with her farming and we helped her. Sometimes we went to help my grandfather who is a medical doctor in his clinic. I left Kenya last year. I was 30 years old. In Kenya, I worked as a journalist for a few months because I studied Linguistics, Media, and Communication. But I got tired of journalism, so I moved into the hospitality industry and worked in hotels. I loved almost everything about my
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“ I guess that what I most enjoyed about Barcelona when I arrived was the good vibes of the city. All the people were always partying, going out… It is a happy city and the people are very relaxed. ”
I also have one dream of my life. I would like to transcend. I mean, I want to do something to help millions of people - just like Steve Jobs, that helped people to connect with each other through their cell phones or Zuckerberg created social media to connect people.
My name is Zaquiel, I am 24 years old, and I have been living in Barcelona for one and a half years now. I am passionate about many things as such technology, electronics, modeling, and news. I would like to progress in this country, I guess it is easier to advance in life here than in Latin America. You know, normally, people have good memories of their country. I don’t have good memories of my country because I didn’t live the best of Venezuela. I have only 24 years and all I basically have known is the same dictatorship that we can see right now. Maybe some birthdays and friends I had there are good memories. However, many of them have already left and are living in Latin America or around the world. So it may sound like a lie,
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“ All the people that participated in any way at any moment in my life, all of them inspired me and taught me how to accept and embrace all of what it is. ”
Something I learned on this journey called life is that… Whatever is going on good or bad, it will pass. Time is my teacher and timing is divine. This journey is just Like a game, we will learn how to play it only by playing it.
When I left Macedonia for the first time, life was nice and cool. It was a calm life, completely different from what I am living here in Barcelona. It is a small country and things just work differently there. I must say, I was happy, living there and sharing with my family and all my good people that I love. In my childhood, I remember spending a lot of time in nature. We used to go every summer to visit my grandparents in their village, enjoying and working at their vineyard.
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“ I was lucky enough to meet amazing people that made the living so smooth ”
For sure, the best part about living here is the people I met and the experiences I have lived.
I have very fond memories of my childhood. I would spend a lot of time with my family,  especially with my grandmother, I would practice a lot of sports and different activities after school. My family is very loving. We have a really strong bond and we would spend a lot of time together. Both of my parents are self-made professionals, born and raised in Morocco. Ever since I was a kid I remember being really sociable, so I would love to make new friends – I  think it’s a trait that I got from my grandmother – she would literally talk to anyone. I also loved to paint, which I still do, and this I got from my grandfather that is a talented artist. I loved going to the countryside on a sunny day, and spend the day there
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